Handheld Kaleidoscopes

The word ambiance refers to the special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment and this is quite evident in this kaleidoscope. The exterior is slumped white glass with inserts of mouthblown, antique glass. A tapered 2-mirror system produces a perfect 10-point image. All of this is tied together by the object case which is specially treated to produce a soft, changing pastel background behind incredible, intricate, and infinitely random images. 10” tall.

Ambient Black


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Mini Parlorscope

Continuing with the cone-shaped, slumped glass body, Luminosity is special in its own way. The exterior glass is very textured and somewhat translucent and has been treated, producing a soft pastel gradient effect throughout the entire body of the scope. The dry object case is a combination of 2 different iridescent glasses with selected surfaces ground off to produce a soft, pastel cast over and behind portions of a crisp 9-point image. (2-mirror system). 10” tall

This model has been discontinued ... only 1 left